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~What Happened to ASL?~

on October 29, 2014

What the hell happened to chat sites?


I mean seriously WTH. The days of innocent simplicity, basic chit chat and terms like ASL are long gone I guess *shrugs*.

I don’t sleep much, Remember? So sometimes I find myself browsing blogs or chat sites, seeing what people are up to, doing, writing about and talking about. Well tonight I happened to come across http://www.bdsmchat.net I know I know, a bdsm site your thinking, but hey since 50 shades of grey, it’s okay to be a sex freak *smiles all dominatrix like*.


Okay, let me state the site I listed is affiliated with 100 other names, so depending on what you type in Google, you will get a certain sign up, etc. But it’s all the same site.

Anyway,  this site gives a whole new meaning to strange, weird, frustrating, crazy and perverted. I am all about crazy if you couldn’t tell by my last blog and I like to think I am also very open minded, fun and non judgmental but this site is over the top. I clicked on the naughty link (400 plus people chatting) NO 80 people chatting, 284 trolling and the rest naked, men stroking off and some chick with a bong sitting on cam, showing her plus sized boobies and humping her pillow. There are SOME boobs that are not meant to be seen. (Most just happen to be on this site) *shrieks*.


So after an hour of watching chat, browsing a few cams and perving aka checking out over a dozen profiles. I have compiled a list of chat room rules and etiquette, because clearly some people are confused about chatting in this decade?

1. When making a profile, DON’T use a movie stars pic, people are NOT dumb. LoL.

2. If you are going to sit on cam, please don’t be over 300lbs, have a lazy eye, drool uncontrollably and be surrounded by junk (clutter) with your cock in hand and your little cat FeFe on your lap and tell people it’s your mom’s basement. *seriously freaked out*.

3. DON’T PM (Private Message) asking someone if they want to watch your cam? Hello, your cam is public. IF I wanted to watch you I’d have your cam on, right? *shrugs*.

4. Don’t ask me what I’m wearing, if you don’t want to hear me say. “Clothes, duh”!

5. Drama and Chat room fighting is retarded, you do know that you can’t kick someone’s ass over the net, Right? How old are you, 4? *rolls my eyes*.

'In dog years, I'm 49, but in internet chat room years, I'm only 21.'

6. Sending a message that states, “I am the six, will you be the nine”? really isn’t going to get you laid.

7.Doing something illegal (drugs) on cam is really STUPID. I could be the DEA, ya know *chuckles*.

8. If your hot by all means, YES I want to see your cam. But what you think is hot and what I think is hot, is probably two different things!


9. Just because people come to a chat site,  does not mean they are looking for cyber sex, a boytoy, girltoy, wife, husband, bf, gf, other. Some people actually come just to chat with like minded adults!

10. No I wont send you a pic, the site offers me an option to post my pic, its NOT my fault your too dumb too look! *slaps your forehead*.

Okay I could go on and on *sighs* I am really disappointed in people’s chat room etiquette and communication skills *frowns*.

Oh, there’s one more thing, they have moderators on a chat site?


I think  they may be there to break up cyber fights, perv profiles and get FREE cyber sex.

Hey, I think I need to apply for a moderator position, har har har *giggles out loud*.

Well my eye’s have been bleached and I have prayed to the good lord to forgive me for my impure thoughts so yeah I am ready for bed.

Sweet dreams and Happy Chatting!

Sidenote: It is kind of fun actually to see what people are up to, talking about, even the really strange ones and thank god for the ignore and block options *blocks and ignores everyone* and NO I’m not blogging naked or in lingerie for those wondering what I’m wearing. I have clothes on duh!


24 responses to “~What Happened to ASL?~

  1. autosoma says:

    #2 – I’d have to watch for a bit out of weird curiosity, it’s interesting to speculate on what motivates people.
    #4 – what clothes are you wearing… I’m naked under my clothes (ironic jaded humour there)
    #5 – y’gotta start a punch up with the muppets thats half the fun, but don’t get invested.

    chatrooms now are for the hard of thinking and hard of socialising… wtf is zuckerberg upto trying to reinvent chatrooms for facebook. Doesn’t he realise that all the #2 will flock

    Liked by 1 person

    • ~Lisa~ says:

      Yeah curiosity gets the best of me every time and I am kind of twisted. But for being an adult site, the stupidity and immaturity shocked me. *sighs*.


      • autosoma says:

        We need a word better than adult seeing as most of them are kidults… something that defines experienced grown up who has at least has one shag with a real life adult where skin touches

        Liked by 1 person

      • ~Lisa~ says:

        well I know why many of these people are single after watching them for 20 minutes on cam. Oh wait I was on the site and Im single…so much for that one….~!!


      • autosoma says:

        I could never really watch camming… my first question would be “and what motivates you to do this?” And it would go downhill from there

        Liked by 1 person

      • ~Lisa~ says:

        I think I stated why I was putzing around on a site, I can’t sleep and you can only read so many blogs and I stated there were cams, NOT that I watched many. I really find reading profiles more interesting. What can I say I’m curious about people. But when someone has a s/n like wellendowedhottie, yeah I am definitely looking, sadly it was a 300lbs guy who WAS not well hung or good looking, lmaooooooo~!!


      • autosoma says:

        What goes through their heads… I have insomnia so in the early hours I do something similar, it would be nice to find general nice chat sites and interact with normal(ish) people but you can never find it. I had a mate like the one you described and I could never fathom his motivation to do it

        Liked by 1 person

      • ~Lisa~ says:

        Well, the site I happened to come across does have some normal rooms, well semi normal. Pogo is a great site as you can play games by yourself or with others and can do uncensored chat or G rated depending on room you pick. As to what they were doing on the site, I don’t judge but when your just a complete moron with no respect or manners or a lack of self respect for someone else or yourself…it irks me…~!!


      • autosoma says:

        Yeah reasonable behaviour seems to have disappeared, I like to talk twaddle but self centred opinionated shite gets my hackles up. I may like talking about my cock cos we’ve done some funny things together, but I’m not going to stick it unannounced in someone’s face. Grrr/gah!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. disconcerted72 says:

    Sometimes I think Facebook has destroyed everything indecent about the internet… Damn, I just realized how much I missed trolling chat rooms!


  3. Mike G. says:

    So what exactly ARE the qualifications for the job of sex chat room moderator? I’m guessing the only relevant one is the ability to type with one hand. Am I right?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tempest Rose says:

    #4 — Nate (who’s in prison for a long time) always asks me what I’m wearing and gets SUPER upset when I say “pants, a shirt, a hoodie”. Like, do you want me to lie to you?!

    Liked by 1 person

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