Where's My Xanax?

~Serial Dater~

on November 4, 2014


I have been pondering for awhile about love and relationships or maybe not the actual relationship but the months to follow after a relationship comes to an end. I know we all handle being heartbroken in different ways and in different amounts of time. I have always heard it takes 1/2 the amount of time you were together to get over someone. I don’t know if I buy that. I do know that it is a hard and an awful experience for anyone to go through and this blog is not about being heartbroken. But trust me at some point, that blog will be posted *smiles*.

This blog is about the types of men/women aka Serial Daters who go from one relationship to the next with little to no time in between. I mean who does that and Why? How do you truly let go and move on, if your already dating the “next” thing? How did you process the break up and learn from what went wrong? If your already dating the “next” thing and really how fair is it to “the next thing”?

Serial daters. I don’t understand them. These “next” are they/me just fillers. Someone to keep them company, content, occupied? Do they ever really understand the true meaning of love. I mean REAL love takes time. There are stages and even with the loss of a love there are stages.

I’ve been someones “next” thing and I look back and I totally realize, he was all gung ho and in love so fast, not even over his ex, hell he had never processed anything as he went from her to me. Which I assure you I will never do again. Because from my experience these types, they are in love with the idea of you and when a few months go by and they realize your not really their type, they leave or pull away and you are left heartbroken and alone. Now who is to blame here? Me?  You? Him? Anyone?

The “next” why do we do it, why do we buy into the dream so soon? I mean happily ever after, the key is EVER AFTER, not two weeks or two months later . Do you/me not realize that real love does really take time and men/women who serial date, they will NEVER truly find it. They will just find “the nex thing”…truly sad for them. *sighs*

Below is a GREAT article on serial daters, check it out.

Inside the Mind of a Serial Dater!



8 responses to “~Serial Dater~

  1. Mike G. says:

    Reminds me of myself in adolescence/early adulthood. A serial monogamist would be how I described myself. Just basically a honey young man looking for the next (fill in the blank). Immaturity combined with a semi permanent pants tent. Yep, that about explains it all.

    You’re welcome.

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  2. I have never understood those who cannot stand to be alone. I’ve always believed they do not know how to love themselves. Or even know who they are which is why they can’t stand to be alone in their own company.

    I have a friend who was this person until she married her husband. She is happily married now with kids but couldn’t stand not to have a man.

    I am the exact opposite. Probably a serial single 😀 I haven’t dated in years. Not really interested in a romantic relationship. I am happy single. I like my life just as it is. So dating not really my thing. A man might mess that up.

    Not saying that’s healthy either just saying it is how I am 🙂

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    • ~Lisa~ says:

      I am finding much contentment too being alone. I was in love. I was hurt badly and I am in no hurry to rush into something and someone to make life what cozy for myself, while possibly NOT being ready and hurting someone else. So not my style. I will never understand the one right after another thing or worse the already got one lined up thing, EVER.

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  3. I’m pretty sure I was my last ex’s “next.” In my defense, he misrepresented the length of time he’d been apart from his previous girlfriend. He was also my rebound guy.
    Mistakes were made.

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