Where's My Xanax?

~Rock and Roll, Baby~

I find myself in a hotel again this morning, drinking cold coffee sitting by the pool, watching normal people with normal lives. I kind of remember having one (a normal life that is). But then I started dating a rock star. Now my life is weekend gigs, snack bars, sex, drugs and rock and roll. Okay, Okay this is 2015, no one does drugs anymore and pssh. I think I drink more than the entire band put together *sighs*. Kind of disappointing.


But yeah I traded a job for killer guitar riffs, rockin vocals, mind blowing drums solos, late nights, crazy schedules and loud music, “Huh” I can’t hear you. I may already have some hearing loss.


Nahh, Just kidding. I can still hear you, sadly, lol.

Their are some major bonuses. I get to wear some great outfits, see some great bands, attend meet and greets and yeah dance all night long. But my new bedtime is like 2am, thats after a show, a snack, and washing off 3lbs of makeup. Only to be awaken in the am by the housekeeping because I once again forgot to leave the do not disturb sign up *grrrrr*.


Knock, Knock, Housekeeping!

There is a down side, really there is.

1. You have to watch tons of other women oogle and google your man. *chuckles*.

2. You will no longer know what sleep is, as you will sleep very little and at late hours.

3. You eat out at least 2 meals a day and damn its hard to find good food choices. (especially at indian reservations). So a guaranteed 5lbs you will gain (ugh) *shrieks*

Looks at my waist line, or lack of it and just sighs.

But yeah Rock and Roll Baby, packs quickly for the next gig.

Keep Rockin…~!!

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~Happy Thanksgiving~

Coming by to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful time with family and friends, sharing good food, good drink and good times. Gobble, Gobble Gobble..~!!



It’s important to remember that not everyone is surrounded by large, wonderful families. Some have problems during the holidays and sometimes are overcome with great sadness when they remember the loved ones who are not with them. Many people have no one to spend Holiday times with and are besieged by loneliness..They all need caring thoughts and loving prayers right now…..please take a few minutes to say a lil prayer for these folks. Thank you….~!!


~Your Life~

Inquiring minds aka Me has another question for you to ponder, can’t wait to see your replies.



~White or Dark~


So, what will it be this Thanksgiving for you, White Meat or Dark Meat?


~What Are You Thankful For~

With Thanksgiving fast approaching I am going to throw up some holiday related blogs, some will have you peeing in your pants. Like my top 10 reasons for never host thanksgiving dinner, coming soon!

But, Today I want to know what your thankful for?

today i am thankful for brown

Fill in the blanks!


~Hazmat Suit Please~


Okay so I just saw on my Facebook page a ” Lisa, You Can Help Stop Ebola” (donate) option. Your kidding me right? Now mind you, I am all for donating, but Hello to the doctors in white coats telling us everything is under control. I SHOULD not have to donate you should of contained this with proper handling. I did not allow a nurse to get on a plane with 132 people on it, oh and a airport full of people. This once again is the governments fault. Stop flights, be more cautious and smart, get this under control now. I really dont want to die a miserable death because a nurse was allowed to get on a plane or other…..~!!

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~Red or Blue~

A quick little Thursday fun fact.


So which is it. Red or Blue for YOU?


~Fill In The Blank~


Mine is Peanut M&M’s and YOURS?


~Overly Overjoyed~

th (11)

A huge thank you to anyone and everyone who finds their way unto my page. Yesterday, I hit my most views. (204 in a day) and most comments. I know that is not huge to some, but it is huge to me. I really appreciate the followers, likes and comments. I know I am not supposed to care according to power bloggers. But I do. I write to write. But it’s nice to hear that people enjoy my insanity. I love it even more when you can relate to me. We all be some crazy mofo’s, huh? *giggles*.


Next Goal 500 followers: So whore me, share me, follow me, like me, love me, just don’s show up on my door step, Seriously Don’t, Unless you bring the HOT heat guy with you *perks*.


Okay, hold your applause and excitement and find me a tiara. I need a tiara *smiles*. I think I deserve one, Right? This is where you agree if you know whats good for you *glares and then chuckles*


~Five Senses~

fives sense

We all know what our five senses are, Right?

Smell, Touch, Taste, Sight and Hearing.

If you were told you were going to lose one, which would you choose and why or which one wouldn’t you choose?

I mean say your my age 44 and you have seen the world, if I lost my sight now. I’d remember what things looks like right? I could walk out and smell and feel the crisp air and I could close by eyes and imagine it (see it) right? I could walk on a sandy beach and feel the sand  between my toes and the water splashing up the sides of my leg. So once again I could close my eyes and imagine, Right? I could take myself to the time/times I had seen these things and I could play it over and over again, Right?

Smell, Did you know if you put a clothespin on your nose and taste foods, without smell you don’t guess many right. Smell is huge, smell tells our minds many things, was is unpleasant or pleasant. The smell of fresh flowers, Mmmm so refreshing, inviting, relaxing even. What about an onion or rotten milk? Is it a sense you could give up easily?

Touch, imagine never holding someones hand, touching their face. Running your hand through water. You would be able to do these things but not experience the sensation. Would your mind take over and memories of doing these things in the past once again, make you remember? Can you imagine putting your finger on a hot burner and burning yourself but not feeling it?

Taste, well this one, hmmm, can you imagine food not tasting like anything? A kiss just being a kiss. Someone could give you mashed potatos or mashed paper and it would be the same? Once again our mind would take over right, and take us back to the memory of what it tasted like? Would you never eat again because food would now be boring, wine wouldn’t be wine, whiskey wouldn’t be whiskey, could you imagine your life without tasting?

Lastly, Hearing. You will never hear the giggling of your kids. You also wont hear your nagging, negative ex hubby, you won’t hear the wind on a beautiful October day or the whistle of a man who just passed you on the sidewalk, your friends will be sharing stories over coffee and you will hear nothing, what would that be like? Can you imagine never hearing that favorite song on the radio or ” I love you” whispered in your ear?

I pray I never lose any of these senses, as life would truly not be the same. I do think that if you are born without one of the five it would be even worse, as you never had or experienced it, but would it be worse. If you never saw a sunset you couldn’t know? But lose your sight later and you can close your eyes and remember. So you can see things, just in a different way.

I guess for me I would pick taste as it seems the most logical. I want TOO see my kids grow up, I want to hear them, I would miss my sight or hearing the most. The other 3 seriously I would give up any day if it meant keeping my sight or hearing. But maybe I’m missing something and one of the other 3 could be worse?

WHAT do you think?

Sidenote: Now imagine a life with Alzheimer’s. Forgetting to chew, taste, your kid’s name, that the burner is HOT, that you had seen a sunset in the Caribbean and the time you took your kid’s to the beach and had sand between your toes!



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