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~Let’s Clean The Toliet~

on November 10, 2014
Lisa's How To Clean!

Lisa’s How To Clean!

Lisa returns *smiles*.

It’s lets learn “how to clean the toliet bowl” are you ready?

Now let me state, this is one area I never slacked at. I am anal about having a clean toliet bowl.

Things you will need:

Whiskey, Wine or Other Alcoholic Beverage

Either or are mandatory. You can’t clean a dirty toliet sober. So DRINK up girlz *pours you a drink*.

Rubber Gloves

Now this is a must unless you want old feces and pee on your hands, in your nails.

Mr Clean Anti bacterial

Other cleaners work but I love this one and it smells GREAT too. (Bleach is normally used)

A Toliet Brush

One you can duck tape to a pole is great, then you wont need the splash back hazmat suit *chuckles*. I also recommend one that has the rim cleaner.it will save you time and trust me you’ll want to spend as little time on your knees in front of the toliet as you can.


the ONLY time being kneeled in front of the toliet is a nice is when your puking and its now your porcelain god, oh how nice that cold seat feels on your forehead as your heaving up your gutts and everything you drank and ate the last 12 hours. This is also why you should clean your toliet bowl often as if your not sick enough you don’t want to be leaning against or sitting in front of a dirty toliet bowl *gags just thinking about it*

A heavy duty toliet tank cleaner

Put this in the tank, it leaves a fresh scent in the toliet for up to 30 days.

Pick one, just not one from the dollar store, its not really that useful.

Cleaning the toliet bowl should never be somewhere you cut the budget.

So, your ready to go, If you have long hair, I recommend you put into a ponytails. As disastrous stuff can happen if its down.

You don’t wan’t me to give you any more details or visuals, trust me on this one!

I also recommend a clothes pin to put on your nose, if you have any smell issues or don’t clean your bowl often.


Old poop and pee, yeah not so good for the sense of smell *pukes a little*.

Okay, so you got your gloves on, right? your clothespin on, right? Your cleaner and brush ready, right?


Pour Mr Clean directly into the bowl.

Take the brush and scrub inside, make sure to get up and around the ring as that is where MOST yukkies can be found *shrieks*.

(Somehow I really hope you know how to do this step already, if not I am not sure what to even say to you)

Flush Twice and Repeat.

Take some paper toweling and soak it with Mr Clean and scrub the rim, outside of toliet and back. Clean Thoroughly. I recommend using a different piece of paper toweling for each action, but I shouldn’t have to tell you why? Right?

I think cleaning the toliet should be the first step in bathroom cleaning. That way you can scrub down the rest on your way out. So its sanitized and ready for new poop and pee. *god did i just type that*.

housework rules

“Said NO woman ever”

Before cleaning the rest, it is key you clean the brush.

Hold the brush in the toilet and flush. Let the water clean the brush off so you don’t have to. To allow the brush to drip-dry, hold it on the rim and put the seat down. Let the brush sit for a few minutes and then replace it dry into the brush container (if it is wet and it goes back in, you get nasty build up).

Once that is put away, scrub the shower, vanity and lastly the floor. Don’t forget to anti bacterial the light switch as sometimes don’t wash their hands good or at all. *eeeks germs*.

Do this 2x a week if not more and you will be housewife of the year in no time.


See how much you can learn from me *chuckles*.

I’m telling you, “stick with me” I’m useful in useless information.


4 responses to “~Let’s Clean The Toliet~

  1. The potty was built specifically for anal, so your spot on there.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. disconcerted72 says:

    Outstanding! I learned a bunch here 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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