Where's My Xanax?


on October 30, 2014



I thought LOVE was that eye rolling, wet panties, heart racing, palms sweaty feeling you have with the “MR BIG” type in the back seat of a limo or penthouse apartment? No wonder love eludes me, I must be looking in all the wrong places? I swear the number I got off that bathroom wall was going to lead to the next big thing. I was already sending out wedding invitations. But then he stopped calling. I did run into him. He said he changed his number. I went back to the bathroom to see if it was listed, but no such luck *pfft*. As for intense feeling, Oh I had an intense feeling alright *nods* and I had his attention for 22 minutes? He even said he loved me or maybe he said he loved the way ….Nevermind. *LoL*.

Sex and the City 2

So, now that I know it wasn’t true love *pouts a little* let’s talk about this elusive Mr Big type.

Ladies you know what I’m talking about. The dominant, handsome, independent, well dressed, charming, challenging, witty, financially secure, demure, distinguished, workaholic powerhouse, bigger than life persona type of man, he will wine and dine you and show you a side of life that comes straight off a TV show or movie and OH THE SEX, it will curl your toes and make you act like a crazy teenage girl with raging hormones.

Have you ever dated one? Please tell, with details even? Are you still with him? What makes this man so attractive, wanted, chased? He is like the catch of a lifetime, Right? But most times dating a “Mr Big” type goes real bad. Just ask Carrie from “Sex and the City” she spent years chasing him, 201 sleepless nights and 42 boxes of Kleenex crying over him. Most episodes were like a bad lifetime movie *felt her pain*, kind of.

She did end up with him, but hey it was the final season. We needed a happy ending, Right? *nods*.

But REALLY inquiring minds, MINE want to know? What makes this man so damn alluring?


17 responses to “~Mr.Big~

  1. autosoma says:


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    • ~Lisa~ says:

      I am talking about the in REAL Mr Big Type guy, he is a real thing. Sadly I have dated one. The scriptwriters just make him out to be the good guy in the end. Well on that show….lol


  2. Not sure Mr Big was ever that good, but I still wanted to meet him!
    And no, I have not dated a Mr Big type so no stories from me.

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  3. Mike G. says:

    As one of a handful of your loyal male readers I wish I could claim to be a Mr. Big. Bit according to what I’ve read in certain books I’m just Mr. Slightly Under Average. On the plus side I am financially secure (as long as my wife keeps her job on Wall St.). I re-read the qualities you posted and I probably don’t possess any other. although my wife and mom think I’m cute and I’m a pretty good person. And probably a better than average father if you count all the years I coached wrestling, soccer and softball and all the miles i drove them around north Jersey and all the times I hugged my kids when they cried. So most of us aren’t very Big but we are there. Warts and all.


  4. FitsofWit says:

    I’ve been with a Mr. Big.
    Mr. Big’s aren’t the marrying type.
    It’s the Aidan’s that you want to spend your life with.
    Unfortunately Sex and the City (like so many other shows and movies) make women think that it’s okay to want to go after unavailable, unemotional men.
    Carrie bothered me. Miranda and Samantha however, kept it real.


    • Mike G. says:

      Carrie made me want to stick my junk in the garbage disposal.

      Where did that come from? Self obsessed and clueless all at the same time. God. I’d have gone after Steve once Miranda kicked him to the curb. Although Aidan WAS rather handy–that may not have come out right. Then again I’m a straight guy commenting on the best boyfriend for a character despised. THAT probably should spark some much needed self-evaluation on my part, don’t you think?

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      • FitsofWit says:

        Steve was a good guy but he was a bartender so that’s a no go for me. He also had that burden of a mother hanging around. Fuck. That.
        Aidan was sexy, could probably build all the furniture in our entire house, hell… he could probably build our house. He was too good for Carrie. She’s a hot mess who needed to be with another hot mess.

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      • Mike G. says:

        Furniture a big plus. Had forgotten about Steve’s mother. Charlotte’s ex also had an annoying mother. (Writers have mommy issues?) And I really liked Aidan in Northern Exposure (before your time I think). But as a 5’6″ inch guy I always root for the short guy. Especially Danny DeVito in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But I digress…

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      • FitsofWit says:

        WTF is Northern Exposure?!!! Did that come out in like, 1860?!
        He was also in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Amazing movie.
        Danny DeVito is such an evil troll in Sunny. Actually, they’re all trolls. Except for Charlie. He’s my everything.
        We’re getting off topic.

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      • Mike G. says:

        Point taken. Maybe we should just get a room.

        Northern Exposure 1990-1995. You were very young.

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      • ~Lisa~ says:

        I kind remember that show and I was actually 10-15. I guess back than I was still playing outside and NOT watching tv….*sighs*


      • ~Lisa~ says:

        I have never watched the show. I have seen him in stand up comedy and comedy films of course. What is great about Danny, he found a tiny size woman for himself too…=)

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      • ~Lisa~ says:

        Gotta love Danny~


      • ~Lisa~ says:

        yeah Mr Big, the one I never got was the ballet guy, what was in his name in the show? Now he creeped me out….~!! And Aiden can come over anytime and fix and build things. Personally I liked Mr Big. (Chris North)


      • ~Lisa~ says:

        I actually love Mr Big and he did turn out to be a good end 101 seasons later and in real life I love bigger than life persona type people. Just not the bad traits that go a long with it….lol….=)


  5. disconcerted72 says:

    Sadly, I think real life is full of trade-offs. There is nothing offered without anything gained, ya know?
    Now, I do think those serendipitous situations are real, but you have to realize that eventually the feelings leaves for something more like contentment. It’s sort of the tragic flaw of being a human being with changing needs, emotions, desires and wants.

    I dunno…I’m generally an effed-up individual, so my opinion is tainted, but these are the things I have observed.

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