Where's My Xanax?

~Shitty Housewife~

on October 28, 2014
Said NO woman EVER!!

Said NO woman EVER!!

It just occurred to me I am a shitty ass housewife, or ex housewife *shrugs* Am I the only one who neglects to clean the window cils? I need some rubber gloves, a few toothbrushes and some bleach. STAT *shrieks in disgust*  or someone to come clean for me? I have wine, whiskey, coffee, xanax? Please, anyone *smiles*.

So, starting today, once a week I am going to throw up a “How To keep Your Home Neat & Tidy”:


Today’s Tip:

Go to the grocery store and buy:

Graham Crackers


Hershey Chocolate Bars


Lighter fluid

Now, Lite your house on fire and watch it burn. (Smores Optional)

See how CLEAN your house is, oh wait, it’s gone, No More Cleaning *giggles*.

Lisa's How To Clean!

Okay, Okay, Seriously this week’s  “Lisa’s (thats, me) *waves her hands* at you!

Cleaning tip of the week” How to Clean window cils!


White Vinegar (Do not taste or drink this, while some recipes use it, it truly taste’s like shit, really it does *gags*)

Ammonia (DO NOT use ammonia without water, I tried it once in 1993, I still have a headache.)

Small Toothbrush (Do not be tempted to use your husbands or kids, I know it sounds like payback) But remember Karma is a bitch.

Rubbing Alcohol (No Whiskey does not work, I already tried that *sighs*)

Cloth ( I used to use my husbands favorite shirt) What can I say, I’m a bitter bitch *chuckles*.



Cleaning Instructions:

1. Dust or vacuum the window sills.

(Had I done this in the first place, they wouldn’t need to be cleaned now, Right?)

2. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of ammonia in a bucket.

(Do not sniff the mixture, you will either pass out, give yourself a headache or possibly die, Okay, you won’t die. Well if you drink the mix you might!)

3. Wipe the window sills with a soft rag soaked in the vinegar/ammonia mixture and repeat.

(Once again had I did this 10 yrs ago.  I wouldn’t be doing the repeat and repeat and REPEAT again today.)

4. Clean the hard-to-reach corners of the window sill with a small brush.

(I recommend just going to the dollar store and buy the 2 for 1 ones, they work great!)

5. Rinse the window sill with water.

( I am always tempted at this point to skip steps 1 through 4 and bring the hose in and just hose the entire window and cils down)

6. Allow them to air dry or dry them with a dry, soft rag. (By Rag, they do not mean a maxi pad)

Tips and Warnings:

Make a large batch of the white vinegar and ammonia mixture and put it in spray bottles for future cleanings.

(This I absolutely recommend, it will make the next time, you know 10 years from now easier!)

Q-Tips also work well in small areas.

(I do not use them, as the minute I have a Q tip in my hand, I am now cleaning my ears, and think its time to take a bath) So much for cleaning the window cils *shrugs*.

Keep the ammonia mixture away from children and pets. (This is a NO brainer) unless………~


If this is the case, please do not say anymore. I do not want to be an accomplice to murder *shrieks*.

Hope you enjoyed my wonderful cleaning window cils “how to” to see the full un-commented version see link below:

How To Clean Window Cils!

Check back next week for another wonderful, useful cleaning How To….=)


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