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~Five Senses~

on October 27, 2014

fives sense

We all know what our five senses are, Right?

Smell, Touch, Taste, Sight and Hearing.

If you were told you were going to lose one, which would you choose and why or which one wouldn’t you choose?

I mean say your my age 44 and you have seen the world, if I lost my sight now. I’d remember what things looks like right? I could walk out and smell and feel the crisp air and I could close by eyes and imagine it (see it) right? I could walk on a sandy beach and feel the sand  between my toes and the water splashing up the sides of my leg. So once again I could close my eyes and imagine, Right? I could take myself to the time/times I had seen these things and I could play it over and over again, Right?

Smell, Did you know if you put a clothespin on your nose and taste foods, without smell you don’t guess many right. Smell is huge, smell tells our minds many things, was is unpleasant or pleasant. The smell of fresh flowers, Mmmm so refreshing, inviting, relaxing even. What about an onion or rotten milk? Is it a sense you could give up easily?

Touch, imagine never holding someones hand, touching their face. Running your hand through water. You would be able to do these things but not experience the sensation. Would your mind take over and memories of doing these things in the past once again, make you remember? Can you imagine putting your finger on a hot burner and burning yourself but not feeling it?

Taste, well this one, hmmm, can you imagine food not tasting like anything? A kiss just being a kiss. Someone could give you mashed potatos or mashed paper and it would be the same? Once again our mind would take over right, and take us back to the memory of what it tasted like? Would you never eat again because food would now be boring, wine wouldn’t be wine, whiskey wouldn’t be whiskey, could you imagine your life without tasting?

Lastly, Hearing. You will never hear the giggling of your kids. You also wont hear your nagging, negative ex hubby, you won’t hear the wind on a beautiful October day or the whistle of a man who just passed you on the sidewalk, your friends will be sharing stories over coffee and you will hear nothing, what would that be like? Can you imagine never hearing that favorite song on the radio or ” I love you” whispered in your ear?

I pray I never lose any of these senses, as life would truly not be the same. I do think that if you are born without one of the five it would be even worse, as you never had or experienced it, but would it be worse. If you never saw a sunset you couldn’t know? But lose your sight later and you can close your eyes and remember. So you can see things, just in a different way.

I guess for me I would pick taste as it seems the most logical. I want TOO see my kids grow up, I want to hear them, I would miss my sight or hearing the most. The other 3 seriously I would give up any day if it meant keeping my sight or hearing. But maybe I’m missing something and one of the other 3 could be worse?

WHAT do you think?

Sidenote: Now imagine a life with Alzheimer’s. Forgetting to chew, taste, your kid’s name, that the burner is HOT, that you had seen a sunset in the Caribbean and the time you took your kid’s to the beach and had sand between your toes!


9 responses to “~Five Senses~

  1. Mark says:

    That’s easy, kind of – losing touch can be dangerous, losing hearing would mean missing out on so many precious moments such as not being able to hear your loved ones’ voices.

    I already have a bit of hearing loss and it sucks, makes watching TV and movies pretty hard too! lol

    I’ll take my chances with losing touch though I would miss that in terms of my loved ones.


    PS: Feeling any better? What color is your yuks now? 😀

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  2. Mark says:

    Bah, I forgot to mention that losing taste, smell and sight would also mean losing some of your memories. I mean, how many times do you recall something on a daily basis after having smelled an aroma as you passed by a storefront for example.

    I hate eating when I cannot taste my food due to a cold, I’d probably starve myself and I like feeding my belly monster.

    And sight? Well, that’s a no-brainer. Not an option ever!

    I used to say if I had to lose two things, I’d rather lose my legs and my hearing (didn’t consider losing touch before) so yeah touch and legs to save my life!


  3. Tempest Rose says:

    I would lose my smell in a heartbeat. I used to say I wanted to lose my smell and become a trashman to get paid to ride around on the back of a truck.


  4. autosoma says:

    Pain is a bad sense to loose, I have very low pain sensitivity and it causes me a lot of problems, frequent burns from the cooker I don’t notice, I freaked out some work colleagues by walking into the office with a big gash on my head as I’d caught it in something sharp. I’m covered in scars from cutting myself on things that I don’t notice until I think that’s wet what caused it.

    There are benefits, tattooists love me, I’ve fallen asleep during tattoos as I find the vibration soothing and I’ve had a lot of dentistry don’t without anaesthetic. So swings and round-abouts.

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  5. I guess one would have to approach this by process of elimination / necessity , so… taste, but I’d miss the hell out of chocolate and absinthe.


  6. Karlee says:

    I’m torn between smell and taste.
    Smell only because I have an excruciatingly sensitivity to smell, nose of a prizewinning bloodhound and all that. Perfumes and flowers give me headaches, the tiniest faintest yucky smells make me retch, and I can smell a persons bad breath from three feet away *vomits a little*.
    But I’m thinking taste might be the way to go – I’m a very fussy eater, so maybe not being able to taste things wouldn’t make me as fussy!

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    • ~Lisa~ says:

      yeah come into my dungeon…aka the unfinished part of my basement…I go down there and im like oh it smells like basement, everyone is like your nutz….maybe but it smells…i think your on to something here. I wish I could lose my sense of taste too as I want to lose 15lbs. LoL.


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