Where's My Xanax?

~Pass Me a Snot Rag~

on October 26, 2014

It’s official I have my first head cold of the year. I am miserable, of course I took some head cold medicine and it put me into full on panic attack mode or I’m having a heart attack *sighs*. I quite simply am such a baby when it comes to being sick with cold or flu *pouts* and the timing of this cold couldn’t be any worse.  I am just getting over a concussion. It is never ending *knocks on wood*.


So, I am laying here with a stuffed up head, I am cold and hot at the same time. I am surrounded by 200 snot tissues and I smell like Vick’s vapor rub. Wanna come over?  Did I mention my kids are avoiding me like I have Ebola? I’m just waiting for them to get in their snow pant’s and raincoats next to imitate a Hazmat suit *chuckles*.


On with my blog, I Googled how to get rid of a cold, bascially out of boredom as I am locked away in my room and going a little stir crazy.  We all know how to get rid of a cold right? *ponders* If you don’t grab a chair. I am about to share this info, of course with my opinions *smiles*.

Courtesy of eHow: How to get rid of a head cold.

Things You’ll Need

  • Cold Medication
  • Soup
  •  Water
  •  Vitamin C

They don’t list tissues, but that really should be number one as you will be blowing, spitting and coughing up things you don’t even want to think about. I recommend a plastic Walmart bag too, if you are wondering for what, duh to put your used snot tissues in. I would also recommend some Vick’s vabor rub.  I do not know the exact science behind Vick’s but it feels and works great and it comforts the throat and chest and really seems to relieve a cough. I also put it on my feet and put socks on. Yes, I said Vick’s and Socks on your feet.


1. Use cold medications. Cold medicines include ingredients such as acetaminophen, dextromethorphan and pseudoephedrine, which stop body aches, suppress coughs and relieve nasal congestion.

Okay, this is dangerous. As I just took a medicine with pseudoephedrine and it literally gave me a panic attack. I spent two hours trying to convince myself I was not having a heart attack. So on top of the cold symptoms I now had heart attack symptoms, this is the down side to some nasal medicine. I personally recommend a saline nasal spray, but that is personal choice.

2. Drink plenty of fluids. Your body loses fluids when you blow your nose. To replace these fluids, drink plenty of water, teas or juices. Stay away from caffeinated beverages. These drinks can dehydrate the body.

This really is a tough one for me as I can’t stand to drink water when I don’t feel good. I personally go with Theraflu which is like a tea but with meds in it or I drink tea or juice and even juice I cant drink ice cold when I am sick. Orange juice probably being the best choice as its packed full of Vitamin C. Good luck with this one! (Pours myself a full caffeinated Diet Coke) *content smile*.

3. Eat chicken soup. A post nasal drip is common with head colds. In turn, you may develop a sore throat. Chicken soup soothes the throat. What’s more, soup relives nasal congestion and thins mucus.

I’m not buying the whole medical science behind soup relieving nasal congestion. I personally think this is 100% a comfort thing. I can understand the mucus thing, but so can mucinex and then you can eat what you like *ponders*?

4. Get plenty of rest. Depending on the severity of your head cold, you may consider staying home from work or school. Severe congestion can make you feel lightheaded. Also, resting can boost the immune system and help you fight infections.

NO shit to staying home from school or work, please friggin do, as NO one want’s to get your cooties, ebola, cough, cold, flu!


Or go to work or school!

Rest is Best, I always say this, oh wait the doctor always say’s that and I do agree but have you ever tried to rest when you stink of vick’s and can’t stop coughing. It like someone telling you to stop breathing. Really, it is! Oh and the head pressure, the minute you lay down, it feel’s like your head is literally going to explode.


I personally prop my head up a bit which also helps to get things flowing, No not my period dipshit, but my nasal passages, getting that stuff out is key, really it is. unless you want to keep your mucous, that’s on you *shrugs*.



5. Take a vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C is an immune system booster, and it can help you get over a head cold sooner. Take about 200 milligrams a day. You can receive vitamin C from orange juice, fruits and supplements.

This one I can’t rip apart or make fun of in any form as I am a firm believer in Vitamin C. So take it. If you don’t have it, run to the store and get some ASAP, if your already sick, then have a friend or family member have get you some ASAP.

6. Blow your nose regularly. Blowing your nose removes mucus from the nasal passage, which relieves congestion and helps you recover more quickly.

Yeah I covered this one up there, Blow, Spit, Yakk, do what you gotta do to get the yukkies out and please don’t be one of those people who look to see if it’s green  or I may smack you along side the head with your snot tissue. It’s just gross!

Now for you crazy “I need an antibiotic people” …!!



Let your cold run it’s course, do the things listed above and you will feel better in no time. I also would like to add a few more, hot baths feel great anytime and especially when you don’t feel good. There are even tablets you can take to release during a hot shower that will make your nasal passages feel great. I tend to always hate the headache part the most, the head pressure *sighs*. So, if you can treat that, by all means treat it. Whiskey works great, jk.

I am off to die on the couch, *smirks*. Okay Okay, I’m not dying, but it feels like it. Did I mention I hate being sick? Before I go I am going to leave you with a few images I found while searching colds that made me giggle.  What can I say I’m easily amused.

666, well who do you think gave you the cold?

666, well who do you think gave you the cold?

A cold is kinda like being hell, 666, where do you think colds come from? “The Devil” *smiles*.

Loving this!

Loving these!

You can’t survive a cold without Mr. Snot Tissues *hands you one or two, or 12*.

YESSS, I am sure its a cold.

YESSS, I am sure its a cold.

Seriously I haven’t done coke since you know band camp, okay once on the rock star’s bus *nods*.



I dare YOU to try this, this is so random, but yeah I’m laughing.


Need I tell you how Ebola is Spread? *looks for hazmat suit*.


OH SHIT: I almost forgot something:


This is like an absolute must, buy the Vick’s liquid that goes in it.  This is a godsend, really it is!


5 responses to “~Pass Me a Snot Rag~

  1. adminlmg says:

    I hope you feel better soon! Try my fav remedy: Bacardi & tea with sugar. Drink it until you pass out. You can’t hurt if your not awake! Anyway, take care!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mark says:

    Aww poor thing! I didn’t know you were sick last night when we were speaking. I hope you get well soon Lisa. I truly think you are a sweet girl and I love your style and voice. 🙂

    You mentioned something I am not sure if I ever considered before. Does it make everything feel exponentially worse when a woman has a period at the exact same time as a cold/flu? I can only assume it does but I don’t think I ever stopped to say, “oh shit! my poor girl” when one of my girlfriends was sick – what I mean is I don’t recall ever thinking that if she was on her period that she’d feel worse. It never crossed my mind to be even more accommodating than I already was. I always loved to baby my girls!

    The part I always hated the most about a cold is the damn nasal congestion and sinus aches!

    Oh and btw, I always check the color of the yuks! That’s the best part of being sick! 😛

    Get well Hon.



  3. Mark says:

    Well, besides being catered to and waited on hand and foot and being babied by someone that loved you, but yeah — color of yuks is second place!



  4. Feel better — damn you’re accident/disease prone. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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