Where's My Xanax?

~Concussion, It is~

on October 20, 2014

Seriously, you want me to what?


Doctor tells me to rest which includes limiting activities that require thinking and mental concentration, such as playing video games, watching TV, reading, texting or using a computer.

Bursts out laughing, really you want me to stop thinking, texting, sitting on the computer and no tv even. This sounds worse than death.

Oh, let me back this story up. Last week I was cleaning the bathroom, lifted up quick and hit my forehead on the door of  the bathroom cabinet that was left 1/2 open. It almost knocked me out, I mean really. It sent me flying backwards into the bathtub. I went down yelling a few choice words, which included god’s name in vain and shit and fuck a few times, and then to top it off the shower curtain rod came slamming down on me as I have it just resting on the brackets *yells a few more choice words*.


Well, I’m a tough little cookie, I get up and shake it off. Next day I have a headache, but mind you I get headaches often. I am sure it’s the stress of daily life and dealing with psycho, oops I mean my ex to be. But the headache gets’s worse. I of course think well maybe its a migraine, so take some migraine medicine I have around the house and climb back into bed one morning. Nope still have it. Try tension medicine, mind you that is NOT a good medicine for people with ADHD, anxiety and or panic, as the amount of caffeine sent me into pre panic attack mode. I kept myself busy decorating trying not to think about the panic, anxious, uncomfortable feeling I was experiencing.

It never occurred to me that NO my contacts were not in the wrong way two days ago, it was the fact I was now having some vision issues.  But “IT” was indeed the fact that I made cupcakes yesterday and was so nauseated that I did not want to eat one. I mean really, Me, not eat a cupcake. I must be dying *ponders*.


Well today, I woke up nauseated enough to be hanging my head into the porcelain god puking up last nights spaghetti. Have you ever seen upchucked spaghetti or for that matter the smell of it? *pukes just thinking about it*. It was awful.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Calls the doctor, and thankfully they got me in within an hour. A cat scan later and  the results are in, it’s a concussion.


So along with the things listed above, he also says, sleep and rest are best. Really now. Well, I didn’t sleep before I whacked my head, what make’s you think I am going to be able to sleep now? Rest, really now? I have two teenage girls, 3 pets, a house and a life *sighs*. No thinking? How does one not think? Avoid things that need mental concentration, yeah uhmm, that’s like near impossible? Oh yeah NO ONE text me for a few days as I’m resting. Ha, just kidding. The day I stop texting, either someone has stolen my phone or I’m dead. *shrieks*.

No reading, tv, computer? What am I really suppose to do? Lay in my bed or on my couch, in the dark or dim light doing nothing and Helloooooooo I am an ADHD Gemini, do you not know me doing nothing would have me over thinking *chuckles*

So yeah, what really am I to do?

Psst, Don’t tell my doctor, I am on the computer, thinking, blogging with the tv on!

SIDENOTE:  “NEVER” look up stuff, you will convince yourself you have a brain tumor or worse your dying, putting your symptoms into a symptom checker is insane *giggles a little*.


DOCTORS…..I want to be one~

1.  They get to wear a cool white coat.

2. Just look up shit on WEB MD, like the rest of us.

3. Get paid big bucks when they only spend 10 minutes with a patient. ($300.00 bucks for 10 minutes)

4. When on call, tell you to go to the ER or see a doctor in the morning. (So basically means golf time or the night off, lol)

5. Wont’ prescribe you shit, but look like they got a full 8 hours of sleep and  are happy as fuck, (trust me its the xanax and ambien) LoL.

6. Get to play god as your life really is in their care and hands at times.

7. Get the highest salary and house in Monopoly.

Okay Okay, their are some really great doctors out there, who do want to help people and make a difference……God Bless Them!

(And let me tell you when giving birth, they are your BEST friend, even though at that moment, the counter kid at McDonald’s will do,  or the gas station attendant even, you want that kid out ASAP! But that is a whole different blog!)

Well, I’m off to sleep, rest, with no texting, the computer and tv off, while I don’t think or over concentrate *breaks out laughing*.




12 responses to “~Concussion, It is~

  1. Ouch! Take it easy! I experienced a concussion from running into a brick wall when I was 12 (how I did that is a long but simple story for another time). The nausea and pain you describe makes it seem like only yesterday. Although it wasn’t worth the week off I got from school- I did feel better after one week passed, hopefully you will too. Believe me, you’ll know if its more serious as the days pass and things get worse. Don’t be afraid to report your symptoms to your GP. I hope you feel better and can truly laugh about it later- like I do now that 20+ years have passed. He, he- ouch…
    I won’t tell you things about how if you have a pre-existing aneurysm you weren’t aware of- a concussion will definitely make it worse…. We’ll chat about that much, much later on, k?

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    • ~Lisa~ says:

      omg Id never to sleep and lay awake with worry about the anerurysm thing…really I would. I can’t imagine having that info. Yeah I had a concussion 2x before, once falling down my stairs and the bike accident I blogged about last week. Yeah I let it go, just thinking oh theres no huge gash or bruise im fine, but the headache was getting worse and then the puking this am, had me alarmed as I cant be preggo and didnt think I had food poisoning…oh and the fact I didnt eat any cupcakes or batter even, had me alarmed LoL.

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      • Omg, I didn’t know about the bike accident. I’m afraid you’re going to have to take it easy- for real. Please do take a few days and mind your head. Your children will need to understand this so that you can recover more easily. It sucks to not be able to jump and engage every little part of life. You will again soon, but for now…. r.e.s.t. 🙂 (Relax Every Shitty Thing).

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      • ~Lisa~ says:

        Im trying, only checking social media once an hour. I have the tv on but quietly. I do need to figure out how to dull the computer screen. LoL. Yeah the mortifying moment is the bike accident story LoL. Losing my front tooth was much worse than the concussion I got that time….lol…~


  2. Ouch! I’ve bent down to pick something and left the top shelf 1/2 open too many times, but I’ve never had a concussion, but I feel like I might sometime soon because of how clumsy I can get LoL. But take care and hope you get better soon. And good luck trying to follow through with Docs advice. I know If I was in your place, I would have a hard time just thinking about trying to quit tv, phone and computer and thinking, especially the tv. Take care (and rest if that’s possible) 🙂

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  3. RX: Take it as easy as you can, and no bumping your head for a couple days.

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  4. Karlee says:

    Reasons NOT to be a doctor:
    1. All the germs people bring into the surgery
    2. All the germs people bring into the surgery
    3. Blood, guts, brain matter, fecal matter, vomit, pus-filled sores, bones sticking out where they shouldn’t, severed limbs, etc.
    4. see answers 1-3
    5. You meet new people, they ask what you do for a living, you say “oh I’m a doctor” and suddenly they are hitting you up for a free consultation on the “strange mole”, “shoulder pain”, “wound that hasn’t healed”, “ulcer on their gum”, “bloating problem” … or any other myriad of symptoms they are too fucking lazy to make an appointment to see their doctor for.
    6. Did I mention all the freaky and potentially lethal germs people bring into the surgery?


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