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~Are You Ready To Die~

on October 16, 2014


So I happen to end up on a girl from my towns Facebook page, she had cancer and lost her battle at 49,  this last June. I was not friends with this girl. Anyway, for some reason the thought popped into my head. Was she ready, was she scared, what was the end like, which is odd as my dad was taken too soon from cancer. But maybe it’s because she had kids closer to my kids age. Whatever it was it has triggered 101 questions in my mind.

Would I be okay with dying? I mean sometimes your body has fought a good fight and just can’t fight anymore, Right? Or will I fight dying til I take my last breath? How are the end days of death, the last moment’s even? (This is of course you know your dying)  How would I prepare my kids? Is there even such a thing, as I truly was not prepared to lose my dad, but than again I thought he was going to “BEAT” it. So, I google. “How to get ready for death” and I found a very profound article, well they all were but this one stood out, so I’m going to share?

How to get ready for death!

I think I truly avoid the thought of dying as it scares the hell out of me. But with that said. I love something wrote at the end of this article.
” Regularly remembering our mortality can help us love and treasure life.”


17 responses to “~Are You Ready To Die~

  1. Thank you for writing this post. I think about death quite often as I have lost a few people very close to me. As I get older, I think about it almost every day. To be honest, sometimes, I kick myself because as a strong person it is not something I should fear. But, the truth is that I do and it is helping me to maximize my days as best I can. I am glad to hear that the article encouraged us to think about it daily but not become consumed by the thought. I was starting to think I was a little crazy; glad to hear that I am on the right track and hopefully on day I will find that I will have nothing to fear!

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    • ~Lisa~ says:

      I am optimistic, happy by nature, but I too am terrified to die. But I did love this article, as maybe I wont look at DEATH so much as I need to look at life. I mean people say it all the time in quotes/songs but do we REALLY in the moment and live today as tomorrow may never come? I know I don’t. I’m guilty of “I can do that tomorrow”. and your very welcome. It is a serious subject that’s for sure.

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  2. autosoma says:

    Death rarely enters my head, when I was a child I used to listen out for my grandfather’s first cough of the morning, he had silicosis and emphysema, so when I heard it I knew he was alive, I was very attached to my grandfather and when he did die, because of how it happened, at 87 in a pub with a whiskey and lemonade on his way to see his young girlfriend, she was 60. I felt a content that he died the way he would have wanted.

    When my wife had stage 3c breast cancer (the next stage would be terminal) I didn’t really have time to think about it, the children were really young and looking after her when she was zombied from the chemo and trying to run the household on next to no money, I just never stopped to think about it.

    That was an excellent thought provoking post

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    • ~Lisa~ says:

      So, let me ask because it seems you were probably taking care of everyone, did that make it easier to think about, did your wife say what she thought? I believe if we believe there is a chance WE fight. But like when my dad took his breaths. My mom said he was at peace with dying. I just with kids yet, DON”T want to die, not that anyone does, of course and I dont think about death often either and I have been surrounded by loss. But for some reason that girls blog triggered something, want to hear something even worse. She was never friendly to me and the crowd I hang with. I was like karma got her. Do you know how awful that was to think. I mean I know it doesn’t work that, at least I hope not or I’m going to die a slow painful death.

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      • autosoma says:

        I never thought about it and still don’t, we had to get on with the living because there were other lives at stake, the children and no-one to help us. The inlaws shat out on us because my wife’s mother is cancer-phobic, so scared of it she wouldn’t and hasn’t come near us. Chemo days at the hospital were the worst, my wife would go by her self, I’d drop the kids off with a friend or childcare, then go to the hospital, bring her home go get the kids. I known my wife was scared shitless by it all, somehow the thought of her dieing has never entered my head

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      • ~Lisa~ says:

        I am glad that she survived and ugh to cancer phobic. I probably just have too much time on my hands. But it isn’t the first time I have thought about it. But guess what, its the one thing in life, along with taxes you can’t avoid.


      • autosoma says:

        if you live in Bermuda or the Cayman Islands you can avoid tax.. well not really

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      • ~Lisa~ says:

        Id love to live in either right now.


      • autosoma says:

        Mainly, I feel that we can live with the hope that it is swift and causes the least pain to us and those around up.


      • autosoma says:

        Mainly, I feel that we can live with the hope that it is swift and causes the least pain to us and those around up.

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      • ~Lisa~ says:

        I totally agree and hope~

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  3. quattrohands says:

    I lost a very good friend eightight years ago at 48. Over night.

    She was not ready ago. In fact, she was starting to really live!

    Losing her and an Uncle at 64 a few years ago have helped me really embrace “living today.”

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  4. Yes, funerals are more about reminding the living they are mortal than anything else. Carpe Diem !

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