Where's My Xanax?

~Pick Your Killer~

on October 14, 2014

It’s rainy and windy in Wisconsin today. Great day to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate  and watch the 31 days of October. Oh, how I love horror movies. Which has me thinking who has killed the most people in horror flicks. I think I can guess the top 3, but just for the record:


And So the List Begins:


Oh Pennywise, you may have a low kill count, but thanks to you I am still afraid of clowns. (Good One Stephen King). If you want to be throat punched, dress up as a clown and come over to my house, I dare you.


I think it was this guys pure size and demeanor that made his character scary, story lines and the movies themselves were pretty dumb, Sorry Candy man. I am more creeped out by my neighbor, who mind you is like 50 something who offers me candy every times he sees me. *shakes nervously*.


Chucky was kind of boring, looked like my son’s My Buddy Doll. Charles Ray looked scarier. I did however like the  Bride of Chucky, she just seemed a little more  scary, psycho and relatable. A woman in love and with PMS, I can so relate, *oh the joys*.


Leatherface terrifies me, a grown man living in his family’s cellar because he is so fucked up and mind you apparently having some transsexual, transgender moments possibly, as he is making  a mask out of skin? Oh and killing people with a saw. Yeah I’m freaked out *shivers*.


Pinhead rocks, I mean the story line in the first two Hellraisers were good, they lost me after the second one. But oh the scary excitement of a villain who  enjoys the suffering in people he kills, this film proves curiosity kills the cat and 35 people.


Hmm to Jigsaw, this one is tough for me. I loved the Saw films, especially the first three. I think the traps and gadgets he (John) made were the best part. But Jigsaw as you know was not just one person, it changes in the later films, so he really cant take the blame for 40 kills, just saying. But the initial idea and story line is totally cool and to be able to have the chance to save yourself,  love that option!


First off let me state, you do know that it is/was Johnny Depp who gets sucked in the water bed in the first movie, right? Oh how I love Johnny. Freddy, Freddy, Freddy, I loved the concept and idea of this movie too, but after three or so they really lost me like so many other horror flicks. But oh to the idea of not being able to fall asleep because if you do you’re going to be brutally killed, can you imagine Ambien and a night with Freddy. *shrieks*.


Lubin the Leprechaun while he doesn’t look scary and in fact the movies are all pretty stupid. His kill count is high *yawns*. Yeah that about sums of my thoughts and opinions on him *sighs*.  I think if you ask for gold on the Ouija, Lubin appears *giggles*.


I absolutely LOVE Michael Myers, While he may not be the most talkative villain, har har har, I can watch his movies anytime, anywhere, every year I look for the Halloween marathon’s in fact. While you always know what is going to happen. The music alone pulls you in. Am I right?


You saw this one coming, Didn’t you. Good ole Jason, Jason has killed just about everything in his path since 1980. I actually like the majority of the films, especially early years and then the remake. I did not like Jason X or Jason vs Freddy, how dare they pit two icon hacker slacker villains against each other for us to pick one or the other. Pssh! This super villain also comes with some cool music….chu chu chu *looks around*. You know the top 2 are of few words, actually NO words in fact. (besides flashbacks to before they became hacker slackers).

Well that was it, the top 10 horror movie villains. (Info courtesy of Screen Slam.com).

Before I ask the Million dollar question, let me state. I think there are some really cool horror flicks characters not listed. “Annabelle”  and the  ventriloquist dummy from Dead Silence. Both creepy! Personally demon and possession movies are MY favorite and scare the living bajeesus out of me *anxious scared nervous smile*.

Okay, now the million dollar question, if you had to be killed by one of the top 10, who would you pick?

SIDENOTE: I’d be proud to be sliced and diced by any of these villains, but the villain/villains I’d be the most afraid to run into, anyone from The Hills Have Eyes Movies these uhmm inbreed, mutants are by far the most grotesque, mentally disturbed, raping, pillaging, flesh eating down right terrifying people to grace horror movies. I am scared even thinking about traveling through their neck of the woods, oh wait I WOULDNT~!!


17 responses to “~Pick Your Killer~

  1. Jess says:

    So, it’s safe to say that Pennywise would be my LAST choice out of all of them. I hate clowns, and the fact that he just chills in the sewer waiting for a little child is just about the creepiest thing out there…and the fact that the child is not even a little bit weirded out and wants to run away is even more frightening.

    Ok, so my choice would have to be Michael Meyers because he’s by far the best in my book. His freakishly calm demeanor is what makes him so great. He’s all like, “Oh you’re running away? I’m just going to walk extremely slowly with a knife and I’ll still find a way to kill you.” The Best. I think the crazy yelling with hook hanks or whatever would just make my fear way worse than in the hands of Michael Meyers.


    • ~Lisa~ says:

      I love Michael and ewww to Pennywise, I think as an adult and knowing more, that makes him EVEN creepier. I too hate clowns. Pinhead kind of scares me to because nothing is going to be fast with him. It’s going to hurt for a very long time, agonizing. Michael kills with such an ease as you pointed out. I wish someone would come up with a new story line for Michael. I did like Rob Zombie’s. Not sure where the white horse came in, but….*smiles*. So many remakes are just awful, which is awful as they have 3x the amount of money and technology these days. Not sure if you saw Annabelle, but NOT once did that stupid little dollie blink her eyes. They could of done so much more with her. Here’s hoping to the future of her!


  2. jblondie says:

    I love horror movies too! My fav.! I would definitely pick Michael Meyers because let’s face it…he’s the sexiest of all of the killers-is that a weird comment? Probably. Anyhoo…I would NEVER pick Leprechaun or Chucky because I’d feel like I could out run them. …and I’d hate to have to run. 😀

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    • ~Lisa~ says:

      well you could probably out run Michael as Jess made a good comment, he never runs, hes always calm, but still always kills you. Chucky and the leprechaun just make me giggle. Kind of like midget porn. No offense to small people. Sexy, maybe its the fact you never see his face. Well when he is a child, but that dont count, right?

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  3. That’s a tough question. I agree that the inbred, backwoods, insane folks are among the scariest because they could really be out there. (I’ve seen a few potential villains here in Virginia.)

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  4. ikarlee says:

    I’ve always hated clowns … something about them always screamed scary pedo. And people would always ask me if I’d seen it. I didn’t even know what it was really about, until I watched it for the first time about 2 years ago. Well after that my opinion of scary pedo was confirmed.
    I’m not actually afraid of clowns – but I hate them with such a passion, that seeing one makes me want to tear that fucking stupid grin right off their face.
    I think the scariest one for me would be Jigsaw because: one minute I’m awake and free and somewhere normal and everything is hunky dory, then the next I’m regaining consciousness chained up in a new brand of hell, playing a sick fucks version of a “game”. And IF I’m lucky – I survive long enough to escape with only a lost limb or two.
    I don’t do too well with gore, I’d probably lose my lunch a few times over if I had to cut off my foot, or some other extremity.
    At least you can take your chances running away from, or fighting the other guys. But when Jigsaw already has you captured – you are fucked.

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    • ~Lisa~ says:

      well you could easily fight off Chucky or the little Leprechaun. Yeah the jigsaw (Saw) movies I loved and there is a place. Ill send link it is like the SAW movies, I would love to go, but really I am not sure I would handle it as I do have horrible anxiety at times. I love horror flicks. I guess b/c you dont feel sad, glad, you dont think about your life or problems during a horror flick, your heart is racing and a good movie just takes you and makes you think of that moment. I did love saw, but I did not like the last two. kind of ruined it for me.


      • ikarlee says:

        The germaphobic me was dead set retching at the various “bodily fluids” hitting people in the face and in their mouths. I’m not scared of anything else in there – but I could NOT deal with blood, shit, vomit or anything else hitting me in the face regardless of whether or not it’s fake matter.
        Oh and to make matters worse – the advert that was next to the video had this creepy as fuck kid in clown makeup staring at me the entire time. Talk about uncomfortable.


      • ~Lisa~ says:

        To be honest I cant imagine being worried about bodily fluids as I had 3 kids, I’ve been covered in everything 2x and now I have a two little dogs who have decided to stop peeing on little doggie pands, which let me tell you that was a dumb idea and piss all over. That now I cant barely handle anymore. OMG to vomit of anyone but my kids in my face or around me and even that makes me gag and hold back my own vomit. I still think the inbreeders ..HIlls have eyes type ppl are worse. I am creeped out even typing it. LoL.


      • ikarlee says:

        I am really sad and pathetic – I’ve never been able to clean up my kids vomit. I dry retch till tears are pouring down my face each time I’ve tried. The thought of anyone spiting anything in my face make me want to heave.
        I get your point about the inbreds, but I can’t ever see myself legitimately travelling to any backwater hillbilly place to begin with, I’ve always been strictly a city & suburban chick. Although I guess if I was drugged, and dropped off there … that might be a bad day for me. I still maintain I could fight the fuckers off!!!

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      • ~Lisa~ says:

        yeah I dont travel to anywhere that they are playing bangos on the deck of the local gas station. No you aren’t. I just met you. I like you and I think you are anything but pathetic, sad yes at times. But I think that is your mental illness. That’s why i love to make you smile and laugh. It’s okay that kids vomit isnt your thing. Don’t take it as a failure in yourself. I am a pretty tomboy…so its easier for me. Ok i cant touch a fish or put a worm on a needle and I could never kill and animal say as in deer hunting. Ever see American Psycho, with the upper class dude killing people, mainly chicks?


      • ikarlee says:

        It’s funny I could probably touch a fish or put a worm on a hook. Definitely couldn’t shoot anything. And while I love eating chicken, beef, and other kinds of animal – I cannot for the life of me touch the raw stuff to prepare it!
        And yet – I’ll happily sit there watching syringe as the nurse takes a blood sample (I have to regularly get tested cause of the meds I’m on). I watch all kinds of weird and wonderful documentaries that show all kinds of icky things.
        So many things don’t faze me, but vomit and germs, and (for some unknown reason) birds freak me out.
        And YES I have seen American Psycho. The movies that really terrify me are the psychological thrillers the ones that could conceivably happen.
        While I love watching horror, it just doesn’t scare me. I watched Nightmare on Elm Street at 11 years old and just laughed my butt off. I saw “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” at 12 years old and couldn’t sleep for a week. NOT that I’ve ever had a nanny … but still the thought that someone the family trusted could try to kill you terrified me.

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      • ~Lisa~ says:

        I was a nanny, dun dun dun dun.any man killing you in your sleep is scaring, do you know how many nights chad thats my ex to be’s name probably help a pillow over my face when i was drinking or on ambien? thats even creepier.


      • ikarlee says:

        Real life is scarier than any horror movie could ever be.

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      • ~Lisa~ says:

        I agree for me, movies, chat sites, are easy to be whatever you want. you can be free with all your sides, all your quirks. No one cares, no one knows you…and to movies. you can be nothing for the hour or two the movies aires just to watch to maybe not feel anything…..~I went and saw the judge and mind you i loved it. I cried the entire time, that story hit home for me


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