Where's My Xanax?

~Got Compassion?~

on October 14, 2014



1. a feeling of distress and pity for the suffering or misfortune of another, often including the desire to alleviate it.

It’s a Monday so like any other Monday. I have the food network on. I know odd huh? Seeing as I can’t even cook fish sticks. I really like to watch Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine, if you haven’t seen it. It’s about a guy who comes in with 10,000 dollars and two days to fix up failing restaurants. It really is a good show, make sure to check it out sometime.

Now, Robert Irvine can sometimes come off crass, rude and some may even say mean at times. But I think he is just passionate about cooking, business and helping others. Okay on with my blog. Tonight’s show he comes into a struggling restaurant with a family that has 7 kids, they are about to lose their home, their marriage and their business and they have a son who is dying. *cries a bit*.

Robert is more determined than ever to save this business, he show’s compassion, which is generally not usually his strong suit. (At least on the show) Which makes me think, what if all of us showed more compassion towards others?

Compassion involves caring, concern, sympathy and utmost consideration to do no harm. Sometimes people don’t want/need the easy hand out, the financial donation, they want you to understand, to put yourself in their shoes and be compassionate to their situation, no matter what it may be. To put aside your judgements and opinions.

Be kind in your actions and words, Hug someone. Hold someones hand. Listen. Open a door, Help a little old lady across the street. Little things make can make a huge difference in someone’s life. If you can help financially, bless you. To give financially for the right reasons (not a tax deduction) is a wonderful luxury many can’t offer. With that said, Robert Irvine gave 10,000 of his own money and his team gave 10,000 of their own money to this family so they did not lose their house. Helping others is such a wonderful thing *smiles*.

Okay I should note, The opposite of compassionate is unsympathetic, indifference, cruel, hardness of heart, no pity, no desire to help someone at all. Lack of compassion is found in psychopaths or sociopaths. That is one of their hallmarks. They feel nothing where others are concerned except what it gets for them! Hmm I may of been married to a psychopath/sociopath *shrieks a little*

SIDENOTE: It has been studied, the act of compassion, kindness, giving, helping others is beneficial to your health and well being.

A little science behind compassion.


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