Where's My Xanax?

~Really, Now?~

on October 6, 2014

45 and I still can’t go to the bathroom alone?


Dear Kids,

I get the fact that I am like super mom, totally cool and totally awesome.

I understand that you want to hangout with me, well, up until I need help around the house/yard.

I realize I cart you around like a Nascar driver on a Sunday afternoon, but with better music.

Birthday Parties, well we all know NO ONE throws a party quite like me *smiles*.

BUT, what I don’t understand is why you feel the need to visit me in the bathroom?

Yes that outfit looks GREAT and all your friends will dig it, but REALLY now?

You need me to check your homework? AWESOME. but really NOW?

Sure I can get that snarl out of your hair, but really does it HAVE to be now?

A little privacy would be so great.

So please don’t visit me in the bathroom with your dinner and your plate.

Let me at least pee in peace, take a bath or brush my teeth.

I will not be in there all night, so be patient and sit tight.

I love your company but bathroom visits are NOT much fun.

So run along until I’m done.




SERIOUSLY, just let me poop in peace!!


10 responses to “~Really, Now?~

  1. ikarlee says:

    Oh my gosh we seem to have a lot in common! My monsters usually decide the best time fight is when I am in the shower, or at the toilet. It’s so unnerving not being given a moments peace the minute I need 5 minutes alone to do my business!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ~Lisa~ says:

      Well my two girls are 17 and 13 so you would think by now they would outgrow the bathroom visits? They freak if I even try to step in the bathroom when they are in there…but feel the need to visit me the minute I step in there, LoL.


  2. This is terrific! You have such a terrifically cute blog here!


  3. Mike G. says:

    Well, in see you’ve already addressed the lock issue. I knew it wouldn’t be THAT easy.

    My suggestion, if you can deal with it is that the next time they visit while your taking a dump you can either stand up when your finished and forget to flush/ask them to take a look and have them guess what you had for lunch or you could pull out the vibrator you posted about earlier and see how fast they run out of the bathroom.

    Of course I’m a guy, so…


    • ~Lisa~ says:

      LoL at leaving it, they wouldnt care. They are teengagers, they would probably youtube it or instagram it, ugh. Then Id feel dumb….so yeah that wont work and hmm to the vibrator thing. I generally am NOT doing that in the bathroom. And its about getting them out of the bathroom period when Im in there ….not mortifying myself. I do that enough on my own. LoL.


      • Mike G. says:

        Like I said I’m a guy so my special place is likely different from yours. And I guess you’re right today’s teenagers are going to post that shit…literally.

        So I guess I got nothing. I guess you could try a door stop on the inside to wedge it close.

        Or maybe just hop in the car and hit the local Exxon station. Your call.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ~Lisa~ says:

        Tis the life of a mom with two teen age girls..~


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