Where's My Xanax?

~Don’t get me started~

on October 3, 2014



Too late, lol!

I love when people try to confront, insult or cop and attitude with someone and tries to hide it with sarcasm or wit. I am the queen of sarcasm, wit, snark and down right BITCH, at times and I’m sure I’m not the only one with these “queen skills”.  So trying to hide shitty comments or attitude won’t work with us. Why do people feel the do need to even do it?


Be straight up. If you have a problem, tell the person. If they have pissed you off, tell them. If they have hurt your feelings, tell them!

I/We can’t:

1. Apologize, if we don’t know what you think we’ve done or how we have offended or hurt you.

2. Change anything about the situation. (If you dont tell us, once again we can’t change the situation or outcome)

3. Probably give a flying fuck. (If you cant come to us with your concerns, feelings and/or problems, well then, LoL)

I’m so sick of people airing out their bad laundry on Facebook and other social networks, or going to friends, family, anyone who will listen as they bash, back stab, bullshit and gripe about others. Because first off there is ALWAYS 3 sides to a story. HIS, HERS and the TRUTH.

You may feel you were hurt, offended, left out, pissed off, pissed on, shit on, but unless you tell the person who has (possibly) done these things. What can you really expect from them? People are NOT mind readers, per say.


I mean people are off griping, causing unneeded drama, for others and themselves and what does that solve, Nothing and you now have also made yourself look BAD. I mean who confides in the person, who is always bashing or griping about others, yeah NO ONE. This kind of behavior reminds me of the 4th grade. Actually even 4th graders talked it out, or fought it out on the playground *shrugs*.

This is a generation of inspirational quotes. Quotes, that are now being used to tell a story of someone’s life, relationship, lack of one, problems with family members, your neighbor, your dog and your Aunt Bee, etc. I mean shit people don’t have to communicate anymore, they throw up a quote.



Really Now? And we know your upset how?

Oh yeah, because you just posted it on Facebook (with a quote), Ding Ding Ding!!

Were right back too, if your upset with someone for any reason, TELL them. If you cant tell them, do what I do, write a note, sometimes it’s easier to write, as a lot of times your afraid of the reply or the reaction it is going to cause  face to face with someone. Whatever your choice, make it be some form of  communication, QUOTES are not communication.

You not communicating directly with the person involved, just makes the situation worse. Negative feelings kept in, can fester and eat away at you and then the relationship/friendship often suffers greatly.  Sometimes not ever being able to be resolved because of unspoken words.

I understand sometimes the fear of rejection comes into play, or not getting the outcome you expect and that is half the problem, expectations of another, on how you think they should treat you, how they do treat you and so on. People so often get into the, I did this,  I do that and I’m always here, and, and and. Well that is YOU, and you know that makes you awesome!



But expecting someone to give 100% at any given time is an unrealistic need and  I’m sorry you are going to be be hurt and let down quite often in life. Because circumstance does not always allow someone to give you what you want/need/deserve ALL the time.



We truly just need to care more, expect nothing or at least less, dont talk about others in a negative manner, have confidence in the relationship, COMMUNICATE positively and leave bad laundry in the laundry basket where it belongs.



My rant is over for the day…=)





5 responses to “~Don’t get me started~

  1. autosoma says:

    I’m very good at communicating my failure to communicate

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ikarlee says:

    I’m neither the confrontational nor the bitching about others behind their backs kind. I’m the one that bottles it all up, and makes myself sick over the thought that someone is angry with me and I don’t know why.
    But that said, I did confront someone last week over their behaviour towards me. I was calm and pragmatic, but she was a total juvenile about it. Unfortunately at the time it didn’t fix it per se – she spent two days totally ignoring me. But I guess at least I actually felt good about myself – trying to resolve the situation by talking it over, even if my attempt was rejected.
    So I think that yes – even if the other person shuts you down, it’s important to try and talk about issues in a calm and sensible manner.

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    • ~Lisa~ says:

      We’re apparently opposites, Im the one who is blunt and upfront and some people cant handle it..sadly my ex bf….we went a cruise, well both were drinking and yeah apparently I said some things he didnt want to hear and then said (his ex wife said the same things) well that was the END of us….broke my heart but I recovered. Some ppl ask you to be honest and then when you are, they dont want the truth. But everything happens for a reason. Sorry that you keep stuff bottled up….thats HARD……~!!


  3. blossomR says:

    “His, Hers, and the Truth” #amazing

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