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~This is NOT Harry Potters Wand~

on September 30, 2014

This Blog is very sexually explicit almost XXX rated, so if you embarrass easy, you may want to skip this blog. I will not be offended. As I truly am not here to offend or embarrass anyone, especially close friends, or you mom. *shrieks a little*.

Before I even start this blog, let me give you a little reference material.


A thin rod brandished wand that is used in conjuring or performing magic tricks.


This is the definition and image you get when looking up magic wand in the dictionary. This is not however the magic wand I am referring too. Sorry Harry Potter Fans, LoL.
The Hitachi Magic Wand is a clitoral stimulation vibrator that plugs in (no batteries, good for the environment, and you won’t run out of power at the critical moment !) This is perhaps the world’s most popular vibrator.Its strong vibration makes it an unfailing friend in masturbation, and its symmetrical shape makes it a natural for partnered, face-to-face fun. For women who are looking for their first orgasm, the electric vibrations will awaken a slumbering clitoris very effectively. The Wand provides strong, steady stimulation.It’s a must for postmenopausal women who are beginning to lose interest in sex.Two speeds, spongy head.


First things first, if your toy collection does not include this, order one NOW, even it you hate it, it’s still one of those toys you have to try. The magic wand has been around for quite some time, I believe it came out in the 1970’s so I assure you I was not familiar with it and its use’s at that time. As I was like uhmm just born, lol. (It was originally used for muscles as stated in the definition above) I have used it on sore muscles in my neck, shoulder blades and even a sciatic nerve problem once and it worked fabulous. But recently it has been made legendary by “Sex in the City” and  BDSM type books like “50 shades of Grey” and a few other sex, smut book series, which I of course love to read, *blushes

For buying purposes, I know that they sell it in sex stores with tons of add on’s and gadgets. I personally think what YOU see above is all you need. There are many sites that sell it, I find this one to be reasonable.


Watch out for imitations, the one above is the original. I have had friends order the pink one or the green one, but it come’s and it is NOT the original, so shop around. You get what you pay for. I would also not recommend buying this toy at Walmart, Costco or Kmart if you happen to find one there, as it just sounds wrong on so many levels, LoL.

It is a plug in toy and yes you can use an extension cord, LoL. Actually if your using an extension cord I would love to hear your story, for example, Are you walking around the house with this, or have you taken it over the to the neighbors for ladies night or the morning coffee club? NOW, that would be a blog/story, *laughs loudly*.

If you are a first time vibrator user, this is not the toy for you. It has some startling, almost overwhelming horsepower, it has two speeds, low and high, 5,000 rpm vs 6,000 rpm and I know, you just spit your soda with shock and disbelief. Well, wipe your face off and calm your nerves, I was NOT kidding. I personally can not use this toy on high and probably never will. What can I say, I’m a lightweight, LoL.

With the kind of power this toy puts out, it is not quiet, this is not a toy you want to play with when anyone is even close, when your baby is napping, when your teenage girls are upstairs. Unless you have an unbreakable lock on your bedroom door and have very loud music playing, as the noise it makes is one thing, the noise it will MAKE you make is another, LMAO. Seriously, you may want to go hangout in the garage as neighbors, spouses, the mail man or whoever else may just happen to walk by,  This way they wont know your trying to vibrate yourself into a orgasmic coma but that instead your playing with power tools or welding something or some shit like that *laughs hysterically*.

Now to the head of this toy, it resembles a microphone. But please don’t take this to karaoke night, as they will never invite you back, well maybe, *evil smile*. I have put it to my lips out of curiosity, it will vibrate them right off your face….*bzzzzzz*. Most importantly, do not stick this toy where the sun don’t shine, without the attachments it is an external toy only and I have no experience with attachments so let me state again it is an external stimulation type toy. Unless you want to be a bad (hilarious) story the ER doctors and nurses tell for years to come, do NOT stick it in anything, that includes water, you will be electrocuted, once again a story you do NOT want people to be telling, “Oh Remember that girl who…………” you know how that story ends, you’ll never be invited to another PTA meeting again, LoL.

For all you men that find yourself on my page, yes this can be used on you, I’m not a professional hitachi master but it can be put on your nipples, your balls and in between them and your rectum for very intense stimulation.. But I wouldn’t recommend this as it will be all over for you in like 60 seconds flat *sighs*.

It also can be used solo or as “a couples” toy, taking turns, you know massaging each others necks, legs, shoulders, LoL. Okay, Okay and all the other erogenous zones. It is very very intense, at least for me, almost too intense. For many women it causes mind blowing, eye’s rolling, screaming like a porn star type O’s and I am not talking about Oprah Winfrey here. Very intense orgasms and very quickly, it also can cause “squirting”, so put down a towel or two, LoL.

I am mortified to be putting this definition down but for those who may not know what squirting is:

Squirting: when a woman has an orgasm with female ejaculate cause spurt, stream or jet of fluid.

Cleaning of this toy, well as you don’t insert it in any place, Good old fashion soap and water works best. I do know they make toy cleaners, but I just don’t trust the chemicals in those things, I mean think where it has been or is going, unless you want to grow a green patch of hair and an extra leg. Id bypass the sex toy cleaner, but hey that’s just me.

So, if your ready for the Cadillac of sex toys, then this is a must buy, maybe put it on your XMAS list, I am sure Santa would love to come down your chimney with this gift, *har har har* He may even think your a little Ho, Ho, Ho, *chuckles*.

If you break this toy or burn out the motor out, I think you need to see a therapist STAT, as you may be a masterbation addict or nympho or both, LoL.

This is the ONE toy every girl want’s to give their best girlfriend, a bride to be, a divorcee, the menopausal chick and it’s every toy a guy wants to buy his girl, well I’m not even giving you a visual on that one. Use your imagination. But most are just too shy to talk about, buy it or try it.

Don’t be shy, give it a try, because it truly is:


Happy Magic Wanding….~!!



6 responses to “~This is NOT Harry Potters Wand~

  1. bkidwell90 says:

    Well said! I love my Hitachi Wand. Anyone who doesn’t have one is seriously missing out!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dodgysurfer says:

    Tempted to reply, but thinking better of it…. Very educational post though! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have one and yes I have used it with an extension cord ((hmm something to blog about)) 🙂 I had never even heard of this magical wand until my husband bought it for me/us


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