Where's My Xanax?

~Dating the One Night Stand~

on September 30, 2014

So, you just had a one night stand.


It was amazing, the guy/girl was great, the sex was great, but the night ends and poof, Now what ? Is it possible to go back and be friends or better yet, date this guy/girl? Or have you both doomed yourselves to at the most “FWB”? This is an age old question.

Let me tell you what I think. I believe relationships of any kind are built on trust, communication, mutual respect, attraction and effort.

Let me state:

If the guy/girl just used you, or seems disinterested DO NOT try to have a relationship with him or her!!!

Now where was I, oh yeah, Attraction, well apparently your already attracted to each other, as you were already rolling around in the sheets with him/her, LoL.

Effort, this one in theory sounds simple, are you both willing to take the time it’s going to take to form a relationship? Talking, Hanging-out, texting, getting to know one another in non sexual situations and conversations? Sounds easy right?

Well, when they show up at your door for a date, looking absolutely gorgeous and you end up ravaging them right there on your steps in front of the neighbors, the priest from down the street, who happened to just be driving by and a little dog named Toto too, then what? *snickers*.  

Because it is going to be hard, almost near impossible to not want physical contact with someone you have already had sex with, especially knowing the sex is/was GREAT. I mean really, hangout with the same person that made your heart race, palms sweat and induced multiple orgasms literally wearing  you out so much you thought you were gonna need an IV because of dehydration?  LoL. Good luck with that.

May I add, will you be able to refrain from sex skyping all night long when the kids are sleeping and/or sending naked pics to each other during the day at work? Because this is a common part of relationships in this decade, the social networking era. If you don’t believe me, Ask Jennifer Lawrence, *smiles*.

Now, I know I have some frugal up tight bitch saying, AS IF, as if what, I saw the pic you sent my man last week, while you were at work, while your kids were at day care and ToTo was at home alone, eating a bone.  So don’t even go there, LoL.

I think you got my point on effort right? Okay, good, Let’s move on.

Communication, well this is a no brainer, if you both have talked about backing up and trying a relationship and are both ready and committed to give it a go, mind you with no sex for however long it takes or whatever you both have agreed on then fabulous.

The key is to always be open and honest about what you want, think, feel and need. Many times people are AFRAID to be open and honest and then they are upset that they aren’t getting what they want out of the relationship or they assume their partner doesn’t understand them.  Well hello clueless, they can’t provide your needs/wants/desires/concerns  if YOU don’t tell them what they are. Duh. I don’t need to say anymore!

Respect, I believe respect is earned, so your on your own with this one, LoL.

Trust, this is HUGE. I think this IS the most important thing in ANY relationship, let me throw up the definition, so were all on the same page here.

 Belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.
To truly trust someone in a relationship, you are putting your heart on the line.  You know that any moment this person could and has the capability of breaking your heart and hurting you, but you still give it freely having faith (trust) that they wont. I believe if you go into any relationship thinking negative, thinking from the get go that they are going to hurt you, well then why even bother? It’s not fair to them or you. If you already have them judged, tried and sentenced. Save your time and theirs. No one deserves negative, emotionally damaged Ned/Nancy.
I personally think the majority of relationships that end and or fail are solely based on lack or loss of trust, period.
So, it’s been a few weeks and you still adore this person’s personality, they haven’t got you wanting to run for the hills, they haven’t driven you completely insane, your still enjoying their conversation and company AND you have actually made it past date two without ravaging them like something straight off  the pages of 50 Shades of Grey.   Well then my friend it sounds promising  that you may be able to date your one night stand. If not, hey, “Sex and the city” has made “FWB” quite the “IN” thing to do these days, so whatever you decide, YES I do think you can, but it wont be easy.
Good Luck and May the FORCE be with you!!

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