Where's My Xanax?

“Theme Hell”

on September 28, 2014



101 themes later and I have yet to find one that fits my personality, oh and the ones I do like, there premium. I guess I need to get a real job. (Facebook and Blogging) not a real job? LoL, who knew.

So basically if every day you stop by and I have a new theme, you just gotta deal with it, because until I find one in the “FREE” section your stuck with my indecisiveness.


6 responses to ““Theme Hell”

  1. FitsofWit says:

    OK, so I just looked at your page. The current theme aint too shabby. I like it.


    • ~Lisa~ says:

      Thank you, It works, It took me like 20 themes to figure out some don’t offer all options. I guess something I should of read on the (theme details) but being ADHD, I jump through directions and important info/details. I suppose if I keep blogging I could go premium and then put in my own background images. I blog so much and delete and/or don’t post half of it. I blame insomnia. But the paper journal thing, kinda old school and I was going through paper like crazy.

      Is there and area where you can type in say snarky blogs, and it gives you a list of blogs/bloggers?


      • FitsofWit says:

        Hmmm good question. I usually just search “humor” in the wordpress search feature in reader. You could probably type in snark and find a few.


      • ~Lisa~ says:

        Hmm, not sure I have even found the “search feature”. I’m thinking I must have if I found you. As your stuff is chock full of humor. Thanks for the info. Mom duties and then I will sit down see what I can find….=)


      • FitsofWit says:

        Good luck. It takes a while to navigate and get used to.
        Go to Reader, Explore, and Search Tags.
        You can type whatever you want in tags. Should help you find some.

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