Where's My Xanax?

~I’ll take what she’s smoking~

on September 24, 2014

Yeah, So I’m sitting on my bed, hiding from my kids drinking coffee in my room and reading blogs. Now while I think I’m a glass half full type girl, there are far too many happy bloggers who want to inspire the world one blog at at time. Hey, If I inspire you by all means, Hooray for me. But somehow I think after a few days of reading my blogs, you’ll be anything but inspired, more like ready to check yourself into the nearest mental hospital. Which if that happens, get me a room too please, maybe we can get a discount or something..? Ok, where was I, lol. Wait hold on a minute, I should of probably of warned you I’m ADHD and a Gemini, (scary combo) I will be random and all over the place with my thoughts and writings. So bare with me. Ok, really where was I, oh yeah the happy bloggers who are all about proper alignment, spacing and spelling. Screw that, it’s a blog. Its not English class, I’m not being graded. I am educated but really, is it gonna matter if I misspell or paragraph shit right…?? I think not and if my readers happen to be that anal, well kiss my butt in advance, lol.

So, I come along this blogger, who as I said wants to inspire people, her life is all happy and shit and I quote she says “its magical” really, and she is doing a series on her blog site to help you make your life magical too, Really now, I hope she plans on paying my bills, finding me a good otc box color for my blonde hair, finding me the perfect man, making sure I have amazing sex for the rest of my life and sharing whatever it is she’s smoking, that would be a nice start to a magical life, can I get an amen…?? LoL..~

Oh, btw if you want the link to her magical life series, hit me up…~!!


4 responses to “~I’ll take what she’s smoking~

  1. Lyds says:

    Lmao@ magical life! Maybe she’s on som magic shrooms or sumptin!

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  2. ikarlee says:

    I like to think I’m a relatively balanced person who by nature looks on the brighter side of life, but whose circumstance influences a somewhat cynical side too.

    I am always very suspicious of people who are only ever spouting positivity, good vibes, and rainbows and unicorns and other stuff. Nobody’s life is that “magical”. I always feel like they are being dishonest only presenting one side of life, always unbalanced, and makes me wonder what really goes on under their surface.

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    • Lisa says:

      I do not know the blogger personally, but when I read it. It made me chuckle as I too believe life is NOT all rainbows and unicorns, even someone with a GREAT life has hard times, sad times, but maybe it’s her outlook, how she deals with her life and hey more power to her if she is always sunshiny happy, but personally those type of people make me nervous, LoL. Thanks for replying. I read a few of your blogs today, amazing writing. I loved “the trouble with thinking to much” I will definitely take the time to read some more. I am still trying to figure out this site. Nite Nite, sleep tight, watch out for the happy bloggers tonight…=)

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  3. The BAO says:

    Haha! I have a major problem with such unrealistic imposition of a magical life. I shall create my own magic (shit). I don’t need “10 ways on how to lead a happy life” crap. I am allowed to not feel magical all the time!
    p.s. – LOVE grumpy cats. I think they’re magical.


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